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Yingge students experience local culture 守窯、燒陶 中湖國小畢業生 體驗在地文化

Retired teacher Peng Teh-mou shows graduating students from Zhonghu Elementary School in New Taipei City’s Yingge District a hollow tree as they hike along the Dongman trail in an undated photo. 新北市鶯歌區中湖國小的畢業生挑戰東滿步道,退休教師彭德謀指示他們看一棵空心的樹,該照片的拍攝日期不明。


In order to test the knowledge of students upon graduation, Zhonghu Elementary School Principal Li Hsien-chen recently led 41 students from his school in New Taipei City’s Yingge District along the challenging Dongman Trail, which runs through Taoyuan and New Taipei City’s Sanxia District. The students also got to try their hand at the traditional Yingge art of adding firewood to a pottery kiln and camp outdoors on the school grounds for two days and one night. During the starry night they spent on the school’s athletics field, the graduates wove their dreams for the future and were left with a beautiful and unforgettable memory. Booyoung Vina

There are two old kilns in the school grounds, and the school arranged a nocturnal activity during which the students took turns to watch over the kilns and fire pottery. The 36-hour firing process and the more than 1,200-degree heat had the students complaining that it was hot, but they also got to experience the hardship of the early ceramics industry as well as the variability of glaze. One of the students, Yu Wan-ju, said that the first time she put wood into the kiln fire she was sweating profusely all over and added that it was not an easy thing to finish a work of art.

In the evening, the students sat on the athletics field and looked at the night sky, as the school had invited an astronomy expert who delivered an unparallelled class in astronomy. Li said that the students relied on their strong will power as they bravely faced the challenge of graduation and became good friends as they sweated together, adding that he believed they would support each other after their graduation.

(Liberty Times, translated by Perry Svensson)





1. try one’s hand at phr.

體驗 (ti3 yan4)

例: After trying his hand at cooking, he realized that he was not suited to be a chef.


2. nocturnal adj.

夜間, 夜行 (ye4 jian1, ye4 xing2)

例: He said he couldn’t take part of any nocturnal activities because he had to get to bed early.


3. unparallelled adj.

獨一無二 (du2 yi1 wu2 er4)

例: Some people think that Mozart’s musical talent was unparallelled.


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