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Yilan’s eco park 台北人移居宜蘭 打造千坪生態園區

Shih Tien-i, right, and a friend inspect a cascading stream on June 7 on the butterfly ecological farm he has set up in the Meihua community in Yilan County’s Dongshan Township. 施天一(右)和友人六月七日在宜蘭縣冬山鄉梅花社區中他所成立的蝴蝶生態農場檢視園區內的小瀑布。

When Taipei native Shih Tien-i went on a trip to Yilan County seven years ago, he fell in love with the scenic area around Meihua Lake, prompting him to move to Yilan and settle down. Soon afterward, he set up a butterfly ecological farm containing an ecological pond, a small waterfall, an ambient trail and a farm with almost 100 species of animals and plants. In summer, butterflies can be seen fluttering around the landscape. The farm currently offers free admission so that visiting tourists can enjoy its natural ecology.

Shih used to work in a hardware store in Taipei, and, being a nature lover, he often volunteered to help beautify a park near his house by planting flowers and grass. Seven years ago, Shih bought a 1,000 ping (3,305m2) piece of land in the Meihua community in Yilan County’s Dongshan Township, where he spent four years building the butterfly ecological farm. The area now has lotus flowers and all kinds of trees with lush green meadows that make it feel like an other-worldly paradise.

In the middle of the butterfly ecological farm is an ecological pond with a gravel trail around it, making it convenient for tourists to view the ecology. The waterfall was built using stacked stones. Shih says that the park also has Moltrechti tree frogs, wild boars and muntjacs. Shi wants everyone to enjoy his dream park, and he welcomes schools to take students there for ecological studies.

Shih says the park’s ecological pond is currently being repopulated with fireflies whose nighttime glow he hopes will eventually become his farm’s newest attraction.

(Liberty Times, translated by Zane Kheir)







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