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Vietnam to expand Tan Son Nhat airport this month: report

A long line of foreign passengers at a check-in counter at Ho Chi Minh City's Tan Son Nhat airport.

A VND2.3-trillion (US$105.8 million) project to expand the international terminal of Tan Son Nhat airport in Ho Chi Minh City will be launched in the middle of this month, news website Saigon Times reported.

When the work is finished, around 26 months later, the terminal will be able to receive 13 million passengers a year compared to 10 million at the moment, Le Manh Hung, CEO of the Airports Corporation of Vietnam, was quoted as saying on Wednesday. 
The project was part of a bigger plan to upgrade the capacity of the country's largest airport to 26 million passengers a year. The airport, with two terminals, reached its designed capacity of 20 million passengers in 2013, three years earlier than expected.
Tan Son Nhat received more than 22 million passengers last year.
According to the Airports Corporation of Vietnam, the domestic terminal will also be expanded and there will be more parking spaces. 
In the meantime, lawmakers are expected to vote later this month on the government's plan to build the $15.8 billion Long Thanh airport  in neighboring Dong Nai Province to replace Tan Son Nhat.
Under the plan, 11 percent of the fund will come from the state budget and the rest from international creditors and private investors.
The airport is designed to serve 38 million passengers annually when it goes into operation in 2025.

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