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Travel must-haves 支付卡、手機、藥品 出國旅遊必備

Credit card readers and a smartphone that is compatible with digital payment systems are displayed on Tuesday last week in Taipei. 與電子付費系統相容之信用卡讀卡機及智慧型手機上週二在台北展示。

The busy season for overseas travel is just around the corner. According to the latest survey from Visa International, the three most important items for Taiwanese people to take overseas, besides their passports and foreign currency, are payment cards, cell phones or tablet computers, and medicine for personal use.

To understand the needs of Taiwanese traveling abroad, Visa International recently conducted the Visa Global Travel Intentions Study and discovered that, aside from their passports and foreign currency, 86.1 percent of respondents believe the most important item for Taiwanese to take on overseas vacations is a credit card or other payment card. Secondly, 72.1 percent of respondents ranked cell phones or tablets as the most important, while 69.9 percent picked medicine for personal use. This shows that payment cards have become a customary method of payment for Taiwanese people.

Visa indicated that smartphones are growing in popularity and have become a daily necessity for Taiwanese, and overseas travel is no exception. The survey shows that over 90 percent of Taiwanese believe that wireless Internet access is important when traveling abroad, with 47.1 percent of respondents saying that it is extremely important.

(Liberty Times, translated by Zane Kheir)


為 了解國人出國旅遊的需求,Visa國際組織日前進行「Visa旅遊意向調查」,發現國人出國除了非帶不可的護照以及當地貨幣外,高達86.1%的受訪者認 為,出國旅遊最重要的必備物品是信用卡等支付卡,其次是手機或平板電腦(72.1%),個人藥品(69.9%)則排名第三,顯示使用支付卡付款已經成為台 灣民眾習慣的支付方式之一。


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