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Thief steals again to pay fine for theft 竊盜前科犯為籌罰金重操舊業 再犯六起竊案

Yilan County police officers detain a convicted thief surnamed Tseng on April 9 after arresting him during the night. 宜蘭縣警方四月九日逮捕並拘留曾姓竊盜前科犯。

Last year a contractor worker in Yilan County surnamed Tseng committed several acts of theft, for which he was given a 26-month jail sentence. Taking into account that Tseng still had to care for his parents and two children, the judge ruled that his jail term could be commuted to a fine of NT$780,000. In order to raise the money to pay the fine, Tseng returned to his old tricks and recently committed theft on at least six occasions before being found out by police.

In late June and early July last year, Tseng, a 40-year-old manual worker, drove around in his car late at night looking for cars parked by the roadside and in front of residences to steal what was in them. Over a period of more than a month, he stole the contents of 10 cars. The loot included health food products, credentials, baby walkers, account books, hair product catalogs, insurance cards and women’s nutritional supplements, all to a value of less than NT$100,000. The valuable cars, however, were left by the roadside, causing investigators to call Tseng a “quirky thief.”

Tseng had been released after two months in detention, but, according to his confession, he could not afford to pay the fine issued by the court. Beginning last month, he started scouring Yilan County for targets, driving around in a stolen car so as to avoid being identified and escape arrest. Tseng stole almost anything he could get his hands on: potted plants, fruit from shops, fish products, metal scraps from construction sites, tool boxes, anything. Yilan police arrested Tseng late in the night on April 8 and indicted him for theft the next day.

(Liberty Times, translated by Perry Svensson)


去 年六月底到七月上旬,曾姓工人(四十歲)深夜開車出外閒晃,專找停靠路邊、住戶門前車輛行竊,一個多月作案十次,得手後把車內物品偷光光,贓物包括保健食 品、證件、幼兒學步車、收支帳冊、美髮目錄、保險卡、女性營養品,總值不到十萬元,值錢贓車卻棄置路旁,被辦案人員視為「怪賊」。


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