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Smartphone detox 停掉手機網路小實驗 她的生活變得....

Hsieh Hsin-hsuan, second right, also known as CC Hsieh, smiles as a chef serves up a raw oyster dinner in a restaurant in Australia on June 16, 2013. 看到廚師的生蠔上桌,謝昕璇(右二)開懷大笑。攝於二零一三年六月十六日,澳洲。

With the popularity of smartphones, checking Facebook, chatting, playing games and swiping a cellphone screen are common and totally normal occurrences, and more and more people are becoming heavy users. Have you ever thought what life would be like without a phone connection to the Internet?

Hsieh Hsin-hsuan, who was once shortlisted by Tourism Australia for “The Best Job in the World,” posted on Facebook on Monday last week that although she had no smartphone four years ago, she has now become a heavy Internet user. “I look at my phone right before bed, I return messages while I’m on the bus, I check Facebook while I’m eating,” she said, “How could I manage without an unlimited data plan? With everyone dumping so much information on the Internet, how can I resist rushing to catch up on it?”

Wanting to test whether she really needed the Internet so badly, Hsieh said she stopped going online on her phone for one month, forcing herself to go back to the days of reaching for her phone only when it rang, turning it on only when she had to contact someone, and waiting until she got home to respond to online messages.

When Hsieh stopped using the Internet, she got in the habit of putting books in her bag, talking to taxi drivers and chatting with the station master when waiting for a train. On weekends she lay down at the seaside, closed her eyes and listened to her friends hum songs and gossip, which enabled her to converse more clearly with her friends than all the messages that she was too busy to answer.

Hsieh reached the conclusion that we do not really need a lot, but we just get used to things and take them for granted. “If you try giving yourself back all that time, you will find that there are so many things you can do,” she said.

(Liberty Times, translated by Zane Kheir)


曾 入圍澳洲旅遊局「世界最棒工作」的謝昕璇,上週一在臉書發文,指出四年前她還是一個連智慧手機都沒有的人,如今卻成了網路重度使用者,「睡前的空檔要看一 下手機,搭車的空檔要回一下訊息,吃飯的空檔要看一下臉書狀態,網路怎麼可能不吃到飽?別人丟的資訊這麼多不快看怎麼行?」





1. post v.

發文;公佈 (fa1 wen2,; gong1 bu4)

例: I need to check jobs that are posted on the bulletin board.


2. habit n.

習慣 (xi2 guan4)

例: Smoking is a bad habit.


3. take...for granted phr.

當理所當然 (dang1 li3 suo3 dang1 ran2)

例: Freedom of speech should not be taken for granted.


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