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Pay your fine and get a helmet 警開罰單加送安全帽 車禍死亡人數銳減

A police officer hands a traffic safety leaflet to a scooter rider and her child in Taitung County on May 18. 一名警察五月十八日在台東縣將交通安全宣傳單發給一名摩托車騎士和她的小孩。

Someone has come up with a clever way of promoting traffic safety — giving people a free crash helmet when they get a ticket. In Yunlin County on average one person dies in a car accident every three days, and some of these deaths are caused by scooter riders not wearing crash helmets as required by traffic regulations. Starting from 2013, Yunlin police have been giving crash helmets to scooter riders aged over 60 who get stopped and ticketed for not wearing a helmet, and the measure has produced a sharp fall in the number of traffic accident fatalities. The helmets that they give out all come from an anonymous public-spirited company that has donated 5,300 helmets over the last two years.

Quoted in a report in the United Daily News, Yunlin County Police Bureau Traffic Police Corps Commander Tsai Pai-chuan said that the three most common reasons for traffic accidents in Yunlin are “scooters, old age and drunk driving.” Over the eight years from 2006 up to last year, 407 people in the county died in traffic accidents because they were riding scooters without helmets or not wearing them properly, causing tragedies for countless broken families. In view of this, starting from 2013, Yunlin Police Bureau Commissioner Chang Chuan-chung launched an expanded crash helmet publicity campaign along with stricter checks on people seen riding without them. When people aged over 60 are caught riding without a helmet, apart from receiving a ticket, they are also given a crash helmet. According to police statistics, the number of deaths caused by failure to wear crash helmets in line with the regulations fell from 47 the year before last to 33 last year, suggesting that this policy has been quite effective.

One scooter rider said that of course he felt a bit unhappy when the police gave him a NT$500 ticket for not wearing a helmet, but when the duty officer gave him a helmet with a market value of NT$600, it gave him the impression that the police were not trying to score points for performance, but were really concerned for the public, and that actually made him feel quite embarrassed.

(Liberty Times, translated by Julian Clegg)

交 通安全有妙招,開罰單送安全帽。雲林縣平均三天就有一人因車禍死亡,部分原因歸咎於騎士未依規定配戴安全帽,雲林縣警方至二○一三年起,六十歲以上未戴安 全帽的騎士若遭開單取締,就送一頂安全帽,這也使得車禍死亡人數銳減,而贈送的安全帽都是出自一家不具名的善心廠商,兩年來共捐贈五千三百頂。

《聯 合報》報導,雲林縣縣警局交通警察隊長蔡百川表示,據統計,雲林交通事故以「機車、高齡、酒駕」三者最多。從二○○六年至去年八年來,全縣共有四百零七人 因騎乘機車未戴、或未正確配戴安全帽發生車禍死亡,造成無數家庭破碎悲劇,局長張傳中有鑑於此,從二○一三年開始擴大宣導與取締未戴安全帽,六十歲以上沒 戴安全帽的騎士,除了會收到罰單以外,還加送一頂安全帽,據警方統計,全縣未依規定配戴安全帽的死亡人數,從前年四十七人減為去年三十三人,成效顯著。


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