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Ko eyes threat-monitoring system, campus security

A campus police officer at Shilin Elementary School in Taipei checks the school’s surveillance cameras as ...

Vietnamese beauty queen arrested in high-end sex ring bust

Police in Vietnam on Wednesday busted another upscale sex ring, arresting two alleged sex workers, one ...

Vietjet increases frequency of Ho Chi Minh City-Taipei service to daily

Vietjet has announced that it will increase the frequency of its service between Ho Chi Minh ...

Vietnam gets tough on sex harassment at work with first-ever conduct code

A cartoon shows a woman suffering sexual harassment for fears of losing job. The Ministry of ...

8 foreign companies caught using pirated software in Vietnam: report

Vietnamese police have discovered eight foreign companies using more than 1,000 pirated software programs worth up ...

Vietnam arrests 24 Chinese, Taiwanese nationals in voice phishing scam

Vietnamese police have busted yet another phone scam allegedly led by Chinese and Taiwanese nationals that ...

Vietnam issues MERS alert following South Korea infection

Vietnam’s Health Ministry has ordered tightened medical screenings at border gates after South Korea reported its ...

Police nab Malaysian man for alleged murder of American friend in Vietnam hotel

Ho Chi Minh City police arrested Friday a Malaysian man who allegedly killed an American national ...

U.S. Congress passes act to allow Taiwan in RIMPAC

Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense (MND) spokesperson Major-General Luo Shou-he announced Sunday the ministry’s sense of ...

Why does Indonesia demand that female military recruits are virgins?

Human rights activists want Indonesia to stop so-called virginity tests being used in the recruitment of ...

Texas bikers in deadly shootout at Waco restaurant

Police in the US state of Texas say nine people have been killed in a shootout ...

Saigon street vendors behave like gangsters, exploit foreigners: report

Thanh spotted two foreign tourists walking along Ly Tu Trong Street in downtown Ho Chi Minh ...

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