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Riding with the thief 與賊共乘

In a similar incident, scooter owner, surnamed Chen, stares at his scooter on April 30 in ...

Taiwan’s indigenous fighter 台灣的原住民拳擊手

Pan Hung-ming, first right, and Paiwan aboriginal students from National Nei-pu Senior Agricultural-Industrial Vocational High School ...

Careless combing causes test-room commotion 高雄國中會考男拿梳子梳頭 恐違規

Junior high school students in Taipei give each other high-fives after finishing their comprehensive assessment tests ...

Gay rights for people with disabilities 身障者的同志人權

Members of the Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights stand on a road in Taipei ...

A diploma from a past era 日治年代的偏鄉教育

85-year-old Lee Chin-shun holds his Japanese-era diploma on May 15 in Pingtung. 八十五歲的李進順持著他日治時代取得的畢業證書。攝於五月十五日,屏東。

The 17-year romance 愛情長跑十七年

Lan Kuo-cheng, right, kisses his bride Huang Mei-ping on May 16 after their wedding ceremony in ...

The sorrow of letting go 寫下你的捨不得

The Chinese composition test of this year’s Comprehensive Assessment Program is pictured on May 16 in ...

We want to barbecue with you 一句「陪妳烤肉」攜炭女大笑不死了

A man examines a display of barbecue charcoal in a store in New Taipei City on ...

Taiwan’s road quality better than expected 讓人跌破眼鏡的台灣道路品質

Scooter riders drive along a poorly surfaced road in Hsinchu City on Feb. 4. 機車騎士二月四日穿梭在新竹坎坷不平的道路上。

Typing style reveals fatigue 打字模式會洩漏你的精神狀態

A student protester taking part in a sit-down protest outside the Legislative Yuan in Taipei on ...

陳福海會張志軍 聚焦民生議題




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