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光棍人數增多 日本開辦「處男研習院」


Closing time 彰化謝米糕收攤 顧客最後回味

Connoisseurs line up at Mr. Hsieh’s stall in Changhua on May 24 to get a last ...

Litter swapped for ramen noodles 撿「菸蒂」換「拉麵」 關廟衛生所新招

Volunteers hold cigarette butts that were collected at a smoke-free event on May 31 in Tainan’s ...

One night : NT$300, Two nights: FREE!!! 背包客住宿:一晚三百,兩晚免費

The Puyuma people of Katratripulr village follow the path of their ancestors on Pingtung’s Alangyi Trail ...

Puppet Revival 三昧風華 布袋戲偶特展飽眼福

The Taiwanese glove puppet team Samadhi on May 30 displays their glove puppets in New Taipei ...

NTHU Volunteers To Kenya 清大國際志工團 出發肯亞

NTHU students cheer for their trip to Kenya this summer as volunteers on May 29 in ...

Schoolyard dog “Coffee” gets a new den 安溪國小出錢出力 校狗「咖啡」搬新家

An undated photo shows principal Weng Chun-sheng and schoolchildren posing with schoolyard dog “Coffee” at Ansi ...

Taiwan’s most caring bank 嘉惠逾三千戶 物資銀行再拓點

Material items for distribution are displayed at the Pingtung County Material Bank on Wednesday last week. ...

Schoolgirl pianist wins silver in Asian contest 鋼琴少女吳彥妮 亞洲賽摘銀

Taoyuan Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan presents a commendation to prizewinning high-school pianist Wu Yen-ni on Monday last ...

Oolong tea judges show no mercy 春季烏龍茶賽 評審嚴管品質

Judges sniff cups of oolong tea at a spring tea contest in Nantou County’s Lugu Township ...

Seconds from disaster 差兩秒 北橫落石險砸女師車

Two large rocks that rolled down the hillside on Monday last week sit in the middle ...



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