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One small step for them 他們的一小步

Saint Aloysius Technical School students Chang I-feng, first left, Yu Ping-chi, center, and Tseng Chun-hao, demonstrate their small wind turbine on June 5 in Hsinchu County. 內思高工學生張逸楓(左)、余秉奇(中)及曾俊浩(右)六月五日於新竹縣展示他們製作的微型風力機。

Saint Aloysius Technical School in Hsinchu County’s Sinpu Township attracts new students with its emphasis on hands-on instruction to develop students’ potential. Three first-year students in the Department of Electrical Engineering — Tseng Chun-hao, Chang I-feng and Yu Ping-chi — took part in this year’s national high school science fair and won an honor in the Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Miaoli counties group with their mini wind turbine. The turbine, which explores the application and effects of relative rotational speed, was a favorite of the judges.

Tseng and the other two students said they had learned about relative speed in their basic electricity class and were very interested in generating electricity from a breeze. With guidance from their homeroom teacher Huang Pei-sheng, they began to explore deeply into this subject during the last semester, hoping that they could increase the efficiency of power generation by employing the concept of relative speed.

The three students are also members of a creativity club. In addition to brainstorming after class and during the winter vacation, they also visited the Taipei International Invention Show to get more inspiration. After endless discussions and enhancements, they finally used aluminum beer cans, which are easy to find, to make the blades, and they worked out how to prevent clashes between the two sets of blades as they spin in opposite directions. In this way, they built a mini wind turbine that is small in size and simple in structure.

The trio say that this model generator can produce 50 volts at most from natural wind. Although it only generates a small amount of electricity, they think that it is still worth promoting, because a mini wind turbine is a source of renewable energy that will never run out.

(Liberty Times, translated by Ethan Zhan)





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