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Nightmare tourists’ underwear antics 原味內褲塞冰箱 台女遊澳惡搞飯店

A hotel bathroom ravaged by guests in Hualien County on Apr. 20. 花蓮縣一間飯店的浴室被遊客弄得污穢不堪。攝於四月二十日。

They say Taiwan’s most beautiful scenery is its people, but is that really true? A woman tour guide slammed two female Taiwanese tourists on Facebook, saying that the pair of them had expressed their dissatisfaction with the cleaning service at an Australian hotel by making a mess of the room. Their shocking antics included stuffing underwear in the refrigerator, scattering red-stained panties around and leaving the floor covered in toilet paper.

With an air of frustration, the tour guide said, “It was a shameful sight. All I could see in it was disgruntled revenge.” Following the incident, the Australian hotel wanted them to pay A$415, or about NT$9,868, in compensation. The two Taiwanese women haggled the amount down and settled at A$200, or roughly NT$4,756. At one point they even asked if A$150 would be enough.

The tour guide said that when they were preparing to board the plane for their return flight, a tour group member saw the two girls carrying “trophies” onto the plane. “Didn’t they say they had run out of money? It’s really a disgrace,” she sighed. “Do not keep saying that Hong Kong women make trouble in Taiwan or Chinese people have no class,” she went on. “When tourists behave like this abroad, they do not just bring shame on themselves; they also give their own country a bad name.”

(Liberty Times, Translated By Zane Kheir)



領隊說,結果回程搭飛機時,有團員看到兩女手提「戰利品」登機,「不是說沒錢了嗎?這實在太不像話!」她感嘆, 「 不要再說港女大鬧台灣或是中國人沒水準,像這樣的旅客在外國的表現丟的不只是自己的臉,也是替自己的國家加上一個壞名聲。 」

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