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Why China is far from ready to meet the U.S. on a global battlefront

Two J-10 fighter jets fly past each other at China International Aviation & Aeropsace Exhibition in ...

Chinese, wife imprisoned in Vietnam for selling sex toys, fake Viagra

Police escort Chinese man Yan Jian Feng out of a trial in Ho Chi Minh City ...

Dreaming of an equalized society

Dreaming of an equalized society

US luxury cruise ship berths in Vung Tau

Ms Quantum of the Seas at Tan Cang Cai Mep Port in Ba Ria-Vung Tau June ...

Far from the madding crowd

Below are five little-known but cool destinations for weekend getaways in HCMC

Russia says will retaliate if U.S. weapons stationed on its borders

French President Francois Hollande (L), U.S. President Barack Obama and Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel arrive at ...

1.75 million Vietnamese children are in child labor: ILO

One third of the child laborers have to work more than 42 hours per week

Vietnamese fishermen say robbed, injured by Chinese off Paracels

Fisherman Bui Tan Doan suffers a broken leg after his boat was continuously attacked with water ...

Vietnam lawmakers vote in favor of workers, slacken strict pension rule

Workers of Pou Yuen Vietnam gather for a negotiation with labor union officials at their factory ...

German hailed as ‘hero’ for warning motorcyclists about slippery Hanoi road

A German man signals vehicles to slow down on the slippery Ta Hien street in Hanoi ...

Vietnam to expand Tan Son Nhat airport this month: report

A long line of foreign passengers at a check-in counter at Ho Chi Minh City's Tan ...

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