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Malaysian English teachers inspire Tainan schools 跨國交流 馬國英師深入台南小學

Malaysian English teachers visit an elementary school classroom in Tainan on Monday last week. 來自馬來西亞的英文教師上週一參觀台南一所小學的教室。

Tainan City Government is forging ahead with all-English teaching and has set up a transnational teaching practice programme in conjunction with the teacher training center of the education department of Malaysia’s Sarawak State, with 40 student teachers and their mentors distributed among Tainan’s elementary schools. The program not only gives schoolchildren an opportunity to experience foreign culture and converse in English with the student teachers; it also enhances English mentors’ teaching skills and provides the schools’ teachers and administors with an international atmosphere on campus.

By consulting with schools, Tainan City Government’s Bureau of Education has found homestay families for the exchange teachers and students. In view of Tainan’s conservative culture, the bureau was initially worried that parents would be rather unwilling to take part. Unexpectedly, however, families enthusiastically leaped at the opportunity, even drawing up menus with local specialty dishes and preparing the accommodation to welcome their special guests from afar.

The education bureau points out that English is an official language of Malaysia and that all the visiting trainee teachers are fluent in English, while their all-English teaching methods are highly creative. Through the exchange programme, the visiting trainees and Tainan’s English teachers can develop their professional skills together in the schools, while stimulating elementary school students’ enthusiasm for conversing in English and making Tainan’s English teaching more lively and diverse.

(Liberty Times, translated by Edward Jones)

台 南市政府為精進全英語教學,與馬來西亞砂勞越州教育局師資培訓中心進行英語實習教師跨國培訓計畫。四十名實習生及指導教師,分散到市區國小,除了讓學童有 機會接觸異國文化,擁有以英語與實習教師對話的機會,藉此精進英語指導教師的教學力,並提供學校教師和行政人員校園國際化的氛圍。

為接待交流師生, 台南市政府教育局透過學校協調,尋找接待家庭。原本擔心台南地區風氣保守,家長參加意願不高,不料消息傳出,家長都踴躍爭取,甚至還準備好地方特色菜單及住宿環境,準備迎接遠來嘉賓。



1. forge ahead v. phr.

精進;推進 (jing1 jin4; tui1 jin4)

例:The president decided to forge ahead with his plan for the economy.


2. distribute v.

分散;分配 (fen1 san4; fen1 pei4)

例:Aid workers are distributing food to the disaster victims.


3. consult v.

商量;協調 (shang1 liang2; xie2 tiao2)

例:You should have consulted with me first before spending all that money.


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