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Interpreters needed 我們需要通譯

Vietnamese interpreter Chen Chiu-liu, right, helps a mother fill out a form in a hospital in New Taipei City on Nov. 20 last year. 越南語通譯陳秋柳(右)去年十一月二十日於新北市協助一名母親在醫院中填寫表格。

Taiwan has seen a rising number of new immigrants and foreign residents. In case of court trials, the quality of interpretation could be vital for proving the innocence of the persons involved. In view of this, the Hsinchu County Government held a translation workshop on Southeast Asian languages on Saturday last week. Participants who passed tests were awarded certificates.

The workshop was held jointly by the Hsinchu County Police Bureau, Taiwan Judicial Interpreters’ Association and Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation. Both oral and written tests were given, with the oral tests simulating real-life depositions. The tests were given in Vietnamese, Indonesian and Thai.

Taiwan Judicial Interpreters’ Association founder Peter Chen says that as the trend of globalization continues, linguistic communications are becoming enormously important, especially during judicial investigations and trials, because the quality of interpretation is crucial for proving the innocence of the accused. If interpreters misinterpret defendants’ testimony, it might cause mistrials and miscarriages of justice. This makes judicial interpretation exceptionally important, Chen says.

(Liberty Times, translated by Ethan Zhan)




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