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A chance to visit Japan for free 設計一日遊 免費玩三週

Tatung University student Yang I-chien, first left, Lien Ssu-chi, center, and Wu Ming-che smile as they look forward to winning the contest to visit Japan’s Yokote city on Monday last week in Taipei. 大同大學學生楊宜蒨(左起)、連思棋、吳銘哲面帶微笑,期待贏得日本行的比賽前去參訪橫手市。攝於上週一,台北。

Tatung University collaborated with Japan’s Yokote city and Digital und Meer Inc. in holding a “one-day trip” planning contest; the top four student winners will be able to spend three weeks in Yokote for free. On June 1, the three parties signed a five-year collaborative program with the aim of cultivating talent in cultural and tourism exchanges.

Lien Ssu-chi, a junior student at the Department of Applied Foreign Languages of Tatung University, said she just enrolled in a tourism Japanese course for this semester, and was lucky enough that the teacher presented them with this sensational contest. The whole class was divided into nineteen pairs and each team had to design a one-day travel plan for Yokote city. Since Lien loves winter, she planned to attend the snow cave festival, a unique local cultural event, alongside snowboarding, lake sightseeing, sweet rice wine, barbecue rice sticks and other activities. She was confident that she could win.

Another student Yang I-chien said there are still many cultural traditions in Yokote city, with which she was going to design an Akita regional custom village for travelers to experience the traditional local lifestyle. In addition, Yokote Museum of Modern Art, the planetarium and so on will be included to make the trip enjoyable for both the young and old. Student Wu Ming-che, who is an art, literature and manga enthusiast, incorporated the Yokote Masuda Manga Museum and Yojiro Ishizaka Memorial Museum and the like into the trip to give travelers an intellectual experience. Afterward, if travelers feel exhausted, they can end the day with a trip to the hot spring.

(Liberty Times, translated by Ethan Zhan)




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