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Yingge students experience local culture 守窯、燒陶 中湖國小畢業生 體驗在地文化

Retired teacher Peng Teh-mou shows graduating students from Zhonghu Elementary School in New Taipei City’s Yingge ...

Malaysian English teachers inspire Tainan schools 跨國交流 馬國英師深入台南小學

Malaysian English teachers visit an elementary school classroom in Tainan on Monday last week. 來自馬來西亞的英文教師上週一參觀台南一所小學的教室。

Smartphone detox 停掉手機網路小實驗 她的生活變得....

Hsieh Hsin-hsuan, second right, also known as CC Hsieh, smiles as a chef serves up a ...

Cute kids’ dumpling lift steals the show 素食養生展舉行幼童舉粽大賽 超級卡哇伊

Children enchant visitors at a vegetarian and health food expo at the Taichung World Trade Center ...

Interpreters needed 我們需要通譯

Vietnamese interpreter Chen Chiu-liu, right, helps a mother fill out a form in a hospital in ...

Pay your fine and get a helmet 警開罰單加送安全帽 車禍死亡人數銳減

A police officer hands a traffic safety leaflet to a scooter rider and her child in ...

Thief steals again to pay fine for theft 竊盜前科犯為籌罰金重操舊業 再犯六起竊案

Yilan County police officers detain a convicted thief surnamed Tseng on April 9 after arresting him ...

Yilan’s eco park 台北人移居宜蘭 打造千坪生態園區

Shih Tien-i, right, and a friend inspect a cascading stream on June 7 on the butterfly ...

One small step for them 他們的一小步

Saint Aloysius Technical School students Chang I-feng, first left, Yu Ping-chi, center, and Tseng Chun-hao, demonstrate ...

Nightmare tourists’ underwear antics 原味內褲塞冰箱 台女遊澳惡搞飯店

A hotel bathroom ravaged by guests in Hualien County on Apr. 20. 花蓮縣一間飯店的浴室被遊客弄得污穢不堪。攝於四月二十日。

Travel must-haves 支付卡、手機、藥品 出國旅遊必備

Credit card readers and a smartphone that is compatible with digital payment systems are displayed on ...

A chance to visit Japan for free 設計一日遊 免費玩三週

Tatung University student Yang I-chien, first left, Lien Ssu-chi, center, and Wu Ming-che smile as they ...

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